Current Enhancements
& Stress Relief 2 to 6 Persons

Get to know your energy-Self
Bio-energy shifts are experienced as feelings. Get internal understanding of your own functional wellness and inner beauty sources

Drawing by Dr. Randolph Stone, Polarity Therapy

Above: Spirit bioenergy field
This is the energy we mostly address for stress reducing, whole-self awareness, and neuro-sensory functions..

This level of bio-current enhancement works more when more persons are together focused on the intention of helping. It requires only superficial contacts.

Well-feeling can often be enhanced for persons who suffer from incurable, neuro-sensory conditions e.g., Alz, MS, ALS, etc., nervous tic, diminished visual auditory & touch senses.

This is how it goes with 3 or more persons

Simple routine: People feel improved self-esteem, sense of whole self, improved orientation, perception & expression, immunity..

Shining thru from the inside!

Some Inner Qualities You May Enhance

Radiance, magnetism, poise, composure, clear mind, memory, smile, vitality, sparkle, clear choices, Self-expression. Creativity, Sensuality, sensory perception. intuition, Compassion. ...

What other qualities do you want to enhance in yourself?

I'm honoured to share this helpful activity. It's not commercial; no money required. There is a printed diagram to follow and take home after.

Please Feel Welcome to Contact
coslarmerry (at) mail (dot)com (no 'g')

For other enhancements, we address the various bioenergy fields:

Air Currents
Calm thoughts. Clear mind. Open heart. Love. Graceful motion. Not too lazy and not too hyperactive. Shoulders, arms, hands.

Fire Currents
Vitality. Springy step. Passion. Sparkle. Clear eyes. Make decisions. Thighs, belly, eyes.

Water Currents
Sensuality. Magnetism. Sexuality. Feel your emotions but don't drown in them. Feel connected. Creativity. Breasts, Lips, feet.

Earth Currents
Stability. Get organized or let go of control. Feel safe. Food & diet. Skin. Neck.

Talk about Goals
A problem is a Challenge =
a Challenge is a Goal of
where you want to be in your Expression of wellness - beauty - function - performance.

We support you to turn your Goals into Affirmations, positive thoughts & emotions that align with your goals.

I accept My Destiny
to become More Beautiful every day of my long and Happy life!

When I express more of my True Self I get more support!

In a stressful situation I relax and breathe.

Information mainly based on Polarity Therapy by Dr. Randolph Stone