Heirloom Onions
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Hill, Heal, Hale Onion

pumki snack

rich in protein, seed & nut oils
take to school, work, etc.

2019 Urban Garden
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Inner Currents

Peace & Abundance Proposal
Outline: Buy land together and start a market farm!

Outline of plan that could be implemented where a few persons can come together to carry it out.

Create a partnership to buy land as a 10-year investment.
Implement market garden with farmer-partner(s)
Start with 1 or more "secure" substantial investors, then implement crowdfunding. Either nonprofit donations, or equity ownership crowdfunding. Equity investments can be as small as $100 per person. Equity investors are partners (silent or active).

Aim to become profitable in 7-10 yrs
Build a solar greenhouse
(see Greenhouse 365 at Thunder Bay, also Solar Greenhouses in China, for state of the art designs)
Try vertical growing and other efficiency methods.

Activate any other business potentials that may be available at the location.

Investors can reasonably expect a profit in 10 years by selling their investment units, by getting paid dividends, or as a result of sale of the property and assets.

Investors might also be promised future CSA-deal weekly box of produce worth about $500 per season, as a great return on their investments!

(See also, new-terra-natural-food.ca/market-gardening-business-plan.html


equity crowdfunding info venturelawcorp.com

Much easier if you can find a farm owner who wants to retire and willing to embrace your plans. Because -- when you hear about property for sale, then it takes time to organize your plans, plus up to 90 days for the crowdfunding, by that time the property may have been sold.

So, although it's a search to find that landowner who likes your plan, someone you can deal with, it's a big help.

These aging farmers do exist. From time to time you hear about them advertising for someone to take over. They love their farm and want to see it continue.


Farm + Retreat
Synergy Chart

Some Basic Details
One acre = 4,047 sq.meters or 43,560 sq.ft.
One acre can generate $12,500 (USD) per year = 25 CSA shares at $500 per share ($25 weekly for 20 weeks).

You can make 20-30 CSA shares per acre.

30 shares per 1 farmer/worker
80-100 shares can generate 1 full-time income

Share prices range from USD $300-$800 per year (from $15-$40 weekly for 20 weeks)